How to make your WordPress blog promote itself

blog promotion robot

In this first blog in a series dedicated to making your Wordpress blog work for you, I’m going to share this super effective and easy to use tool that turns your blog into a self promotion machine – literally.

The Best Digital Marketing Articles – April 15, 2013

Mac laptop

This week’s best digital marketing articles come from Amaryllis Fox , Ben Kuchera at Penny Arcade, and Kris Krug. Topics include content and online happiness.

Do I have to use Twitter?

Using Twitter like going to the dentist?

You might be pleasantly surprised with Twitter, or you might decide it isn’t worth the time. Don’t know if you don’t try!

Don’t waste your social currency on Twitter

Twitter Social Currency

The next time you hear someone speak that you think may have something valuable to offer, add them to a list first. Save follow for people who want dialogue.

Being efficient with social media

Efficiency cartoon

I’m sure this is something that social media experts write on daily, from tips and tricks to best practices and case studies. People using Twitter to get a lot of followers, or brands using Facebook to get likes. The question though gave me pause, because it made me question what efficiency means when it comes to social media.