The Best Digital Marketing Articles – March 17, 2013

The Best Digital Marketing Articles

Every week I’ll share the best digital marketing articles I’ve read and shared on my social channels. From the week starting March 17, 2013.

What MUSE taught me about WordPress Taxonomies

Muse Wordpress Taxonomies

The greatest band in the world has something they can teach you about Wordpress Taxonomies and Duplicate Content.

5 reasons why WordPress is great for SEO


Wordpress is a CMS that has enabled millions of people to build their web site. Here are 5 reasons why Wordpress is great for SEO.

Digital marketing is traditional marketing

Mainframe Computer Room

Typically, the traditional marketing disciplines represent direct mail, media buying (offline), radio and television. Digital usually means both paid and organic search, online media, email. mobile and social media marketing. But those times, they have already changed

How SEO is like (and unlike) climbing Mount Everest

SEO is and isnt like climbing Everest

Sure, you may have an adrenaline filled sense of accomplishment to check SEOMoz or RankTracker and see straight 1’s for position next to each of your keywords. Just don’t admire the scenery too long.