The new iPad


Many people would say that the new iPad is just an incremental improvement over the old model — it’s has a new processor, better resolution screen and more memory. I’m here to tell you that the new iPad is more than just incremental improvement and that it is truly revolutionary.

What Apple doesn’t do well – iBooks


Despite being a huge Apple fanboy, even I have to admit that there are certain things that Apple doesn’t do well at. iBooks falls into this category, a product I want to love but just can’t, yet.

Playbook: iPad might finally have competition

iPad and Playbook

Blackberry’s Playbook looks like a pretty snazzy new entry into the tablet market. It is still aways off from being released, but it is sufficiently different that i think it could make a splash with the kinds of folks who are always tethered to their crackberry’s.

The iPad

Original iPad

So i finally have my iPad and am actually using it to write this blog post. I have a lot of thoughts and theories about it, some of which i have not really seen written about before. Of course, i also have the obligatory “omfg this thing is awesome” commentary too!