Don’t waste your social currency on Twitter

Twitter Social Currency

The next time you hear someone speak that you think may have something valuable to offer, add them to a list first. Save follow for people who want dialogue.

How to use Facebook comments on your WordPress site

Facebook Comments for Wordpress

There are a number of ways you can make your Wordpress site social, and when you talk about social the conversation usually begins and ends with Facebook.

Why we should be happy for Instagram

Price tag and company-size aside, there sure is a lot of controversy over the future of Instagram. We should be happy and not worried.

Find readers for your blog

find readers for your blog

When you start a blog one of the things you first notice is that you aren’t going to have any readers. These tips help you find readers for your blog.

Google’s Walled Garden Problem

Google has thrived with a disorganized, but open, Internet. In a system where anyone can set up a web site, or produce content, Google was an invaluable tool for sorting through the noise. That is, until now.