Re-imagining the celebrity app

Adrian App mockup

Why doesn’t Adrian Grenier’s iOS app make me feel like part of his Entourage? Recently I’ve come to the realization that most celebrity mobile apps stink. Nowhere was this more evident than in Adrian Grenier’s “Reckless” app that was released last week. Before installing the app I read an extensive write up about it on […]

Should your company build an app?

Mobile Apps

Apps now consume more of our time, money, and are becoming more sophisticated. They are definitely posing a threat to the web as we know it.

Google’s Walled Garden Problem

Google has thrived with a disorganized, but open, Internet. In a system where anyone can set up a web site, or produce content, Google was an invaluable tool for sorting through the noise. That is, until now.

On phones, tablets and app stores

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Although I love Apple, it would be nice to see some real competition for them in terms of innovation. Ripping off ui and form factor from Apple doesn’t really move technology forward. Come on people, be a little original?