What Apple doesn’t do well – iBooks


Despite being a huge Apple fanboy, even I have to admit that there are certain things that Apple doesn't do well at. I've got serious questions about the quality of several products that Apple has launched, anything from the Apple TV to Mobile Me. … [Continue reading]

Playbook: iPad might finally have competition

iPad and Playbook

Not so much competition for my dollars, personally, but competition among tablet computers for non-Apple fanboys. Blackberry's Playbook looks like a pretty snazzy new entry into the tablet market. It is still aways off from being released, but it … [Continue reading]

On phones, tablets and app stores

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Here is a trend I've noticed. Company A (lets just call them Apple computer) designs a totally cool device or service (lets call it a phone, or an app store or a tablet computer). They have success with all of these products, and they all seem to … [Continue reading]

Online ordering but no online order status?


IKEA doesn't believe in that for some reason. They are the only retailer I have run across that had an extensive online catalog and ecommerce site which does not allow you to see the status of your order online. For that matter, they don't … [Continue reading]

The need for “good” Google alternatives

Google Money Machine

My disillusion with Google has been years in the making. I know I've written about it before on my blog so I won't go into a deep dive on those thoughts. Maybe, just maybe my related posts plugin will find it so i don't have to go searching through … [Continue reading]