Wistia – the most exciting company in video

I Love Wistia

Its long overdue that I write about Wistia here on my site. In my opinion, they are by far the most exciting company doing work on the web, specifically in the video space. Wistia isn’t a new company – I’ve actually been a customer of theirs for a number of years now, back in my agency days to my past 2 client-side gigs.

What’s got me so excited about these guys then?

Today, they released a new feature in their Twitter Follow Lab. The idea is so simple, it is actually genius (one of those!)

Why not give people the ability to follow a person on Twitter through a video?

This seems to be accomplished with Javascript and the standard Twitter follow button, something I just finally got around to implementing on my own site. That’s why it is one of those ideas that is simple yet genius, because up until now I am not aware of anyone doing something like this.

It is a super powerful addition to an already tremendous platform. I’ve written about Vimeo and YouTube before, but never Wistia. Truth is, Wistia is so far beyond the other services out there for video hosting that it is kind of silly.

Comparing them may not be fair, because Wistia isn’t a place to host videos to BUILD an audience from scratch, but as far as analytics, customization for embedding, responsive scaling and formatting for multiple devices through a single embed, it really can’t be beat.

Here is a super simple video I made that shows more or less how the new feature works and just how powerful it is.

Really, I am blown away by this. Maybe I am easily impressed but damn if this isn’t cool.