How to make your WordPress blog promote itself

blog promotion robot

In this first blog in a series dedicated to making your Wordpress blog work for you, I’m going to share this super effective and easy to use tool that turns your blog into a self promotion machine – literally.

What MUSE taught me about WordPress Taxonomies

Muse Wordpress Taxonomies

The greatest band in the world has something they can teach you about Wordpress Taxonomies and Duplicate Content.

How to use Facebook comments on your WordPress site

Facebook Comments for Wordpress

There are a number of ways you can make your Wordpress site social, and when you talk about social the conversation usually begins and ends with Facebook.

How to use Typekit fonts in WordPress

Typekit Library

Did you know that Wordpress actually supports a wide-array of fonts that you can use and that you can add them with little effort and cost?

Build a content calendar in WordPress

Wordpress Editorial Calendar Plugin

How I built a content calendar in Wordpress using some free tools and some keyword research tactics.