Learning to think about web sites like products

leica camera

The next time you work on a web site, think about it like a product that you will sell and support into the future.

What we owe to WordPress

Wordpress 10th anniversary

I’m convinced Wordpress is the best platform to build a blog or web site on, and one of the most profound pieces of software to ever be written.

Radiolab – The evolved and truly beautiful podcast


Laying in the dark of my room, I imagined astronaut Dave Wolf reaching his arm into a deep and consuming blackness.   I am an avid podcast listener and have been so for many years. Ever since the original iPod, I’ve downloaded and listened to podcasts on pretty much a continuous basis. In fact, 90% […]

Easy Google Analytics Campaign Tagging


Despite the obvious benefits, its pretty tedious to tag every link on your site so most of us don’t do it. Google Campaign Tagging is easy with these steps.

Don’t waste your social currency on Twitter

Twitter Social Currency

The next time you hear someone speak that you think may have something valuable to offer, add them to a list first. Save follow for people who want dialogue.