Time, Fear and Confusion in Social Media Marketing

Social media fear

Yes, for many there is actual fear when it comes to dipping their toe into those treacherous social media waters.

Never been a worse time to be a social media guru

Social Media Guru

Yes, calling yourself a social media guru is rather stupid. You shouldn’t even allow others to call you one. Also, people don’t search for social media gurus.

Do I have to use Twitter?

Using Twitter like going to the dentist?

You might be pleasantly surprised with Twitter, or you might decide it isn’t worth the time. Don’t know if you don’t try!

Facebook – your company’s new web site?


Have you ever thought about making a Facebook page the actual home page for your business? Sounds a little crazy huh? Well, maybe it isn’t so far fetched.

RT: Project Re-tweet is kind of lame


I love to hate on Twitter. Here I’m at it again with reaction to Project Retweet – a half baked attempt at turning an already flawed process into standard functionality in Twitter’s UI.