Nearly everything you’d want to know about me

William Smith

I clean up nicely.

Hello and welcome to the official home of William Smith on the web. I’ve often been imitated but, never duplicated. And, while I bear a striking resemblance to an actor of a similar name I am notwillsmith.

Odds are if you are here on this site you are curious about me professionally. Maybe a colleague of yours sent you a link to my online resume or perhaps my portfolio of work. In any event, let’s start with the work-related stuff first, shall we?

I am a digital marketer with expertise in search and social media.

In most corporate environments you’d refer to me as ‘the web guy’ or ‘that person who sits in the darkened office with all the awesome, big monitors.’ Those are both acceptable descriptions of what I do, but taking that a bit further:

  • I build, code and manage web sites
  • Ensuring that they show up highly in search engine results
  • So that you can bring awareness to your products that
  • Creates qualified leads that ultimately lead to
  • Sales

I also absolutely love to write on marketing topics. That’s the whole purpose of this site — to share what I know about digital marketing. So you can exploit my experience in marketing and all I ask for is the occasional share or like!

I’ve worked in both in-house marketing departments as well as creative digital agencies. I play well with others and in-fact, thrive, when there are other creative folks around to bounce ideas off of.

Currently residing in Portland, Oregon I am employed by Audigy Group, a management company for private practice audiologists based in Vancouver, WA where I work with a marketing team to bring digital marketing strategy to over 100+ members.

Now the personal stuff

My wife and I are newcomers to the Pacific Northwest, having moved to Oregon just three and a half years ago. We’re big walkers, wine drinkers, and movie watchers. I have 2 dogs and a cat, enjoy playing online games and messing around with half-baked web site projects in my spare time.

I worship at the altar of Apple – own 3 Mac laptops, a Mac mini which serves as a home web server and development environment, an iPhone and of course, the new iPad.

My tools of the trade include a Mac Book Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress 3 with the Genesis Framework, Textmate for code and Byword for Markdown.